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Brake Repair

Domestic & Foreign

Brake Repairs

We offer brake repair of all makes and models of vehicles for both domestic automotive repair & foreign automotive repair.

If you are new to Kuhnel Auto Repair West Springfield, we want you to know that you will always receive a “health” check over of your vehicle.

We will prioritize the need or necessity of your automotive & brake repairs, and let you know what life is left on your brakes.       Rest assured that this is not just a verbal list, because we will provide you photographs, too.

Garuanteed Brake Repairs

Domestic Brake Repair

Foreign Brake Repair

Service for Commercial Fleets

Diagnose Vibrations

ABS & Traction Control Repair

How do you know if your brakes need to be fixed?

Your brakes are extremely important. Having good brakes just keeps you out of trouble. You’ll want to carefully maintain your brakes. With disc brakes, brake pads rub on a disc – or rotor – to slow the wheels. The pads are attached to a caliper that squeezes the pads against the rotor. It’s kind of like how squeezing the handbrake on a bicycle pushes the brake pads against the wheel of the bike.

Now pads just wear away with use – kind of like a pencil eraser wears out. The good news is that replacing brake pads is a straight-forward repair.

If you hear squealing or grinding when you use the brakes, have your service advisor check them out. He’ll have a technician perform a thorough brake inspection to see what needs to be done. He’ll check for signs of brake problems and go over other brake components to see that they’re working properly.

He can tell you if it’s time to replace the pads or if there are other issues with your brakes that should be addressed. Some people ignore the warning signs and keep driving long after the pads are completely worn out. When that happens, metal brake components will grind on the rotor, damaging it enough that it needs to be resurfaced or replaced.

Rotors can also warp or crack, in which case they’ll need to be replaced. Brake calipers also wear out over time. They can develop leaks or the caliper pistons can freeze open or closed – either way it’s not good. When this happens it’s time to replace the calipers. A thorough brake inspection will reveal worn bearings or seals as well.

The new pads we put on your vehicle will restore your brakes to manufacturers’ specifications.  Or, we can install upgraded parts to increase your stopping power and reduce brake noise and brake dust. We have several options to meet your braking requirements and your budget.

Taking care of your brakes keeps them working safely – and you could prevent premature brake repairs down the road.

More Services

We offer a wide range of full service auto repair services.

Oil Change & Fluid Checkover

Preventative maintenance, such as regular oil changes & fluid checkovers, will keep you vehicle running smoothly.

Tire Fills & Replacements

You can get everything from us, and that includes new tires.  This is a huge time saver!

 Tune Ups

Sometimes it is a good idea to have your spark plugs, fluids, and filters checked out.   Maintaining some of these items will keep your vehicle running smoother.

Digital Inspections

We offer the “state of the art” digital inspections.  You can experience receiving a text that has a digital report of what repairs you will need.

It offers a two way line of communication to you.

Happy Customers

“My family has been going to Kuhnel Auto Repair for years. Jay stands behind his work and is very professional. He is always available to discuss your car issues. His office staff is very courteous and helpful. Thank you for keeping us safe on the road.”
“Jay and his team are amazing. Everyone there is very nice and professional. I like how they send you a link that shows exactly what’s wrong with your car. I highly recommend anyone to go there because it’s worth it. I wish I knew about them earlier.”

Full Service Auto Repairs

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